The brief:

We needed a new website and it was the perfect opportunity to validate the AI web tools and integrate them into our sprint process. A highlight was using the Relume library and their AI tool, as well as the integration with Webflow AND Figma which allowed any updates to flow both ways.

Potentially we over complicated it with building a custom LoRA generative AI model to build the artworks, but the week speed by and the site exceeded our expectations!


AI is only as good as it's brief, in this case that meant developing an atomic design system and from there we followed our standard sprint process:

  1. Sitemap and wireframing using AI and then exports as responsive webpages
  2. Storytelling and user testing
  3. Brand personna and content populating with LLM
  4. Final artwork AI generation and responsive testing
  5. Final content crafting, SEO and optimisation

And yes, just like that here is the website, created from 16 - 20 October 2023 :-)

The result:


Launch campaign and analysis coming soon.

Relevant training:

One Week Web Sprint

Back when we started, a medium sized website could take a year - now with no-code tools such as SquareSpace or Webflow it has been significantly shortened but still a big chunk of time.

Once a month we host a one week web sprint leveraging all the AI tools to get you there faster, from zero to hero or carry across your most effective assets in a shiny new fully responsive site.

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Medium to large brands, consultants or creative agencies and architects looking to build a beautiful, high quality web presence aligned with their brand and enabled with interactivity and cross device responsiveness.


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