The brief:

Turn Paul Milinski renown name into a well respected, modern and aspirational luxury brand


1 week sprint including:

- Face to face brand strategy workshops
- Market research (AI supported)
- User/Buyer persona creation (AI supported)
- Brand strategy framework (Purpose, Mission, Value proposition, Values, Manifesto)
- Brand strategy writing (AI supported)

The result:

A full brand strategy turning the Milinski name into a brand, that will be aspirational to the existing and new generation of luxury buyers; in both the physical and virtual world.

A brand book articulating what the Milinski brand stands for, how it differentiates to its competitors, how it behaves and the kind of experiences it creates for its users in the physical and digital realms.

Relevant training:

AI Brand Models

Following brand guidelines just became significantly easier but well crafted fine controls are difficult to achieve. In this workshop we will show the various options on how to create your own brand AI model for style, location, update, and even a custom brand AI prompt based image generation tool

Artists, Creative Directors, Art Directors, Photographers, Marketing Directors, Brand Managers, Creative Technologists (for advanced sessions)


An always-on access to best in class experts and content with individual support, coaching and access to a dedicated creation lab environment.Using the correct steps also ensures photoshoots and brand assets are kept safe from public models as well as leveraged for further artwork generation.

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