The brief:

The objectives of COMMUNICATING THE ARTS include

- understanding the expectations ofnew audiences, especially Generation Z and millennials, engaging with international peers;

- initiating conversations with high-tech partners; developing innovative business models;

- promoting best practices in audience development;

- nspiring cultural leaders.

Topics on Arts + TechThe conference in Singapore aims to foster a dialogue between the arts and technology, exploring various topics related to their intersection. These discussions will delve into theimpact of immersive exhibitions and the challenges and opportunities presented by theattention economy in the rapidly evolving cultural landscape.


Each year Communicating the Arts invites the most exciting thinkers, innovators and disruptors to speak at Communicating the Arts conferences. These communication experts, emerging leaders, educators, artists and activists describe their triumphs, failures and share insights as to how they would do it  differently.

Speakers come from Europe, America, Asia Pacific and Africa.

The result:

Communicating the Arts will be launching 20th November 2023, sign up to our email news below to receive the results or return soon :-)

Relevant training:

Branded AI QR Codes

QR codes have become ubiquitous due to their simplicity and easy recognition - but now we can inject creativity, brand and storytelling into the artwork so that its not the black and white square in your poster or outdoor campaign.

Example documentation for AI QR Codes
Anyone who would like to use a QR code to promote their business or share contact information, a brand to use as an interactive experience or a design agency looking to offer new skills.


Video based QR code training on how to use the various AI methods to create custom AI codes, access to the tools as well as the Futures Factory AI QR Code creator.

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