The brief:

Project Here/After The Art gives voice to renowned creators from diverse backgrounds across the world to expand boundaries and envision the future of art.

The goal of this project is to reflect on art that transcends convenient boundaries including the very limits of human existence. This is a seminal project. It will attempt to examine art within the cosmos of creative forces. It will establish a collective benchmark locked in the blockchain, a reference point for generations to come.


Unique creations, visions, and insight will be sealed in smart contract-controlled time capsules. These NFTs will be minted unrevealed for a single uniform price. At that point it is time for a critical choice of each holder whether to reveal time capsule publicly or preserve its enigmatic allure, intensifying anticipation and augmenting its inherent value. Yet, this decision carries an element of risk, for all capsules are destined to be revealed automatically and randomly in a span of 1 - 5 years.Here/After The Art encourages artists, collectors, and art theorists in a shared pursuit to explore the very definition of art and its profound impact as it is now and for the hereafter.

The result:

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