Nico, a seasoned professional at the crossroads of business strategy, innovation, creativity, and technology. His diverse career journey spans continents, with experiences in leading design, strategy, and innovation roles in esteemed agencies such as Jack Morton, R/GA, VML, Imagination, and Sense Group, as well as holding the position of a global VP of Innovation and design at Telstra and CBRE where he led innovation-led transformative projects; leading cross-functional teams of creative, designers, architects and technologists.

Throughout his career, Nico has collaborated with industry giants including Google, YouTube, Nike, L'Oreal, ASICS, Telstra, Pernod-Ricard, Volkswagen, and Cricket Australia, as well as numerous startups in the web3 space. His passion lies in transformative technologies, currently focusing on AR/VR, Blockchain/NFT, and AI. Nico is deeply committed to helping big organisations embrace AI to future-proof their businesses and elevate their employees in order to drive competitive advantage.

Over the last 18 months, Nico has immersed himself in the study of AI, recognising its pivotal role in the creative process, influencing branding, product and service design, marketing, and research. Collaborating with Charles, they have translated this expertise into the creation of four innovative products that define Futures Factory.

Beyond Futures Factory, Nico is an entrepreneur, guiding the development of his startup, InRL. This unique creator platform and connected clothing brand leverage the real world as a canvas for digital expression. Through the InRL mobile app, users can effortlessly create 3D content, share it on the social feed, attach it to their clothing for AR visibility, or trade it on the NFT marketplace. This endeavor allows Nico to stay hands-on with the tools, ensuring he stays ahead in this rapidly evolving landscape while contributing something meaningful to the world.

Nicolas looking pensively out the window
career highlight

Re-designing the whole retail ecosystem of Telstra, one of the biggest Telco on the planet has been a personal transformative experience. Successfully bringing smart technologies into the physical space, connecting physical and digital touch points to provide a seamless customer experience while rallying all units of the business (brand, retail, products, service, digital) and partners (Google, Apple, Samsung, Microsoft...) behind the same user-centric vision was a humongous task that not only transformed Telstra as a business, but also marked a profound evolution for me as an individual.