who this is for:

Anyone who would like to use a QR code to promote their business or share contact information, a brand to use as an interactive experience or a design agency looking to offer new skills.

Example QR code for Futures Factory


An e-learning program to learn from basics to advanced AI, covering cases studies, tools with AI tools and with our step by step tutorials.
  • hands on examples of how to create AI QR codes
  • custom URL or contact details vcf QR code generation
  • quick guide flow charts for knowledge sharing
  • curated models for use with QR codes and settings
  • interactive or augmented reality advanced examples
coming soon:

November 13, 2023


Online self paced video with interactive hands on - act now, first 50 purchases receive a FREE 15 min 1:1 with our creative technologist

All in one solution in a box with best in class AI/Humans showing you how. Learn as you make with the best and finish with a tangible outcome.

Presented live from our lab at Bondi Beach, we show the full spectrum of tools - from Chat GPT to Midjourney and Stable Diffusion LoRA models - but with a focus on no code and relevant examples.

In our lab we also offer pre installed machines and expert guidance to ensure high quality, tangible results.

$ 2,500 AUD

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