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We are a team of creatives, technologists, and strategists who use AI everyday to optimise our output, investigate ideas and create custom models for brands and galleries worldwide.

Here we share our knowledge and expertise - filtered through our experienced lens of 25 years designing experiences, running award winning campaigns, and agencies.

What do we do?

we teach tangible outcomes

In the dynamic realm of customer-led businesses, staying ahead requires unlocking the full potential of Artificial Intelligence and the possibilities are endless.

The Futures Factory has been testing these since the start of 2022 and has proven techniques, technologies and expertise to ensure the end result mets our criteria.

Through workshops, regular online training or full AI integrations, we share these tools to get you ahead quickly.



Not just running, one of our favourite projects is a one week sprint where we define a tangible outcome - such as a website, brand campaign or full company AI training. We co-design the solution with you so you learn while you build!

Start Monday and live by Friday with the help of AI and our human expertise.


inspire + teach

Our inspiration and training products are designed to demystify AI and provide leaders, teams and individuals with the right ammunitions (knowledge and skills) to start their AI journey.

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Kick start a path to lead new AI opportunities with a hands-on ½ day workshop. Designed to rapidly get teams up to speed with core AI knowledge, utilities and tools, our discovery workshop is available F2F in our studio or online in our 3D virtual experience centre.

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Upskill yourself or your team with our e-learning program. Learn basic to advanced AI, delivered in human language and covering case studies, tools and real life tutorials (including our own success and failure). Shape your learning journey at your own pace.


investigate and co design

Partner with us and gain access to the full potential of our experience, tools and network; in order to design and build solutions that will transform and supercharge your business with Artificial Intelligence.

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Our team of experts will lead you into a sprint to explore specific business needs, and rapidly ideate solutions and build prototypes. Learn AI while building value to your business.

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An always-on access to best in class experts and content with individual support, coaching and access to a dedicated creation lab environment.



We are a collective of multi-disciplinary creative technologists with 20+ years of experience sharing the same passion for humanity empowerment through the design of AI powered experiences and ecosystems.

Collectively, we build products, services, brands, worlds (physical and virtual), collections, content, software or businesses that engage communities globally.

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Innovation lab

Our Space

An environment crafted to inspire creativity with *all* the technologies to experiment and create. All, only one block away from the world renowned Bondi Beach.

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Map of Bondi Beach
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Charles Clapshaw

Charles Clapshaw has been connecting creativity with technology for 25 years – from building Ansett websites, as a brand manager at P&G to leading TBWA's worldwide digital network and as an augmented artist at Apple. Charles' diverse skills and experiences are now focussed on sharing his knowledge with current AI tools.

Charles sitting with his wonder dog ElliE

Nicolas Tessier

Nico has been helping businesses embrace transformative technologies for 15+ years. As a head of strategy at R/GA (Nike, Google, Youtube), re-designing Telstra's retail ecosystem as GM Innovation or re-inventing post-covid digital workplace experience as global design lead for CBRE, Nico's expertise lies at the frontier of creativity, technology and business transformation.

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